When deciding on to shop for CDN provider there are loads of factors which go it to play. Obviously, you need the first-rate carrier for the nice fee. Use the subsequent as a guide to help you whilst interviewing CDN service providers.

Bandwidth needs

What are your bandwidth wishes? Are you going to use 50GB/month or 50TB/month? CDNs price by means of GB transferred (in maximum cases). If you’re most effective handing over a small number of visitors, it can now not be important to buy CDN carrier. You are probably able to get away with upping your contemporary net host provider from a shared environment to devoted surroundings. Maybe it’s time to move to an enterprise-class net host, rather than that $five/month issuer you are using now.

It would not make feel to pay a Tier 1 CDN heaps of dollars 12 months to deliver four movies. If you’re having a lot of issues together with your video or software program downloads, then study the basic reason and connect it!

When you’re handing over approximately 500GB/month it begins to make sense to offload that heavy lifting to a CDN. By now, you are getting several thousand requests according to a month or maybe according to second and your unmarried net server in 1 records center may not be able to preserve up with the site visitors.

Certainly whilst you are doing over 1TB/month of static content transport, you have to use a CDN. This will make sure your movies, podcasts, track, pix, files, and software program downloads are becoming in your customers fast and correctly.

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a CDN

Network Performance

All CDNs large and small say they have the first-rate community! There are essentially three forms of CDNs: Internet primarily based, Peering/Private based totally, and Peer to Peer (P2P).

About the only Internet, primarily based CDN is Akamai. Akamai has heaps of servers everywhere in the vicinity. Then using a few fancy algorithms, they path traffic from 1 PoP to the subsequent getting your content material onto the backbone of whatever ISP your cease consumer is on. They then cache the content in that closest PoP so the subsequent individual in that region/ISP has the content material already close to them. Obviously, this method works as Akamai is the most important image cdn at the globe and boasts the most clients.

A peering/private CDN is one that places servers in regionalized PoPs around the sector. Then in the ones PoPs they peer with or directly connect with as many ISPs and backbones as they can. Then while someone requests a bit of content, the document is added at once from the CDN to the cease person community and is able to through-pass the Internet all collectively, in maximum instances. Most other CDNs use this model. Limelight Networks is the maximum success in this configuration. They have a non-public fiber spine as well to transport content material from Origin Server to PoP. Other CDNs who observe this model are Panther, EdgeCast, Level3, CDNetworks, and others.

Finally, the concept of P2P is exciting. Simply have all content material visitors act as a PoP and replicate the content material around the globe. There’s very little infrastructure price and theoretically, you can get your content on to an ISP within the global. P2P has it is a region, however as a means to supply task vital and revenue-generating content, this approach must be prevented.

As a facet observe, there are Hybrid CDNs who employ P2P and Peering/Private techniques. These are intriguing, but for comfortable transport, the usage of a P2P is much less perfect as your content will end up on masses to heaps of man or woman computer systems with little or no manage over who gets get right of entry to it.


Does your CDN assist the technology you require? All CDNs will supply content via HTTP Progressive download. But does your CDN guide true Flash Streaming (RTMP), authentic Windows Media Streaming (MMS, RTSP), Quicktime or Real Media streaming? What approximately Flash Live or Windows Media Live? Can they do MP3 Live? Do they have got a Token-Based Authentication comfortable URL product? Can they do pseudo-Flash streaming? Do they have any special services for HD delivery? What about a mobile CDN platform? Is it easy to get content to the CDN?

Finally, what approximately their analytics? Do they provide exceptional analytics? Is it smooth to apply? Does it display a wide variety of request per object? Is there a content management piece? Do they provide Geo-Reporting? Can you get uncooked logs?

Other services and products

What else can your CDN of preference do for you? Do they have an expert offerings department? Can they assist with monetization? Do they provide encoding/transcoding? What about virtual rights control (DRM)? Do they provide a stay occasion tracking provider? Is there a content management system or a digital asset management gadget available? Does your service include embeddable media players? Can they cache whole web sites? Do they assist in e-Commerce or shopping carts?

Support What kind of assistance can your CDN offer?

Ask for the wide variety of the helpdesk and phone it. How fast did they the solution? Did you get a person or simply voice mail? Is there electronic mail help available? Do you have access to technical personnel throughout the integration section? Whom do you name when you have a question about your invoice? Does your CDN even offer help? What occurs in case you call in the off hours? What does their Service Level Agreement appear like? Most CDNs offer a one hundred% SLA, but what does that certainly mean and the way do you get credit in the event that they do not meet their SLA?

Contracts Does your CDN require an annual settlement?

Do they offer a monthly settlement? Are they asking you to decide to a minimal amount of money per month whether or now not you use those tons? What takes place in case you move over your commit, how tons is that going to value you? Can you pay with a credit score card? Do you have to pay with a credit score card?


How lengthy has your CDN been in an enterprise? Are they funded by way of undertaking capital? Do they’ve huge amounts of great debt? Are they going through an unsure regulation suite by way of a competitor? How great deal coins do they’ve in the bank? Over the past 365 days, there have been some main movements in the CDN industry. There were some of the gamers who’ve all but disappeared. There had been a few acquisitions and mergers, and some major gamers are bleeding cash a lot that they may no longer be round inside the subsequent twelve months. Be cautious about putting content on an iffy CDN. Research them independently and notice in the event that they have had any primary proceedings or extreme outages.

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a CDN

Cost Notice fee is at the lowest of the listing?

His is due to the fact cost ought to not be your primary problem. You will discover large variations in cost from CDN to CDN. Expect to pay anywhere from a few cents in step with GB up to over $1 consistent with GB. There are more than a few things a good way to dictate what you pay. Don’t assume to get the identical pricing that a large boy like Netflix will get whilst you are passing 200GB/month. Your price might be based on how a good deal site visitors you bypass. The greater you skip, the cheaper the rate can be. Also, the maximum of the alternative objects mentioned above will component in your cost.

If the CDN you make a decision to go along with is too pricey or is soliciting for greater of a devote than you want. Ask them if they have resellers you can undergo. Usually, these resellers can provide better phrases. You may additionally pay extra in line with GB than going directly with the CDN, but you might simplest pay for what you operate. Also, beware that going with a reseller may limit you to assist from that reseller. You won’t have the ability to call up the CDN immediately for the guide. You may additionally simplest get fundamental reporting with a reseller in preference to the full blow analytics package deal supplied by using the CDN.


Consider most of these factors when deciding which CDN to go together with. The biggest thing is how an awful lot of site visitors are you going to pass. You may also have a laugh using that Lexus, but you may still get to paintings on your Toyota. Choose a CDN that meets your desires and suits your budget.