Living in a diverse community refers to human beings of various cultural backgrounds, speaking overseas languages, having spiritual affiliations, sexual inclinations, and various disabilities. I educate in a blended Asian and white network, wherein people from Pakistan and India are nicely represented as nicely. I grew up in a Greek-Orthodox faith, but Kabbalah, Buddhism, and Hinduism usually attracted me. I am the MSA – Muslim Students Association Coordinator at West High School in Torrance, and my Goddaughter is American of Asian descent. My favored meals are sushi, and my dwelling room is adorned in Asian fashion.

different countries peoples

So, what is that making me? An American!

In the United States, we have church buildings, mosques, synagogues, and temples, and absolutely everyone can preserve his/hers customs and religion, as the Persians have a good time happy nowruz day and Chinese the Lunar New Year.

Even the American US workplace is very numerous nowadays, perhaps extra than it has ever been. Just thinking about the important thing positions, we have an African-American president, whose father turned into born in Kenya as a devout Muslim; we elected a Latino Mayor of LA, an Austrian born Governor of CA. Even the navel of the universe, the City of Beverly Hills has a mayor who was born in Iran.

different countries peoples

Exposure to cultural expertise and admire is related to money and interest. The extra you tour, the extra you turn into a state of the art, properly-rounded, and sensitive to human beings’ desires and upbringings. The greater curious you are, the extra you can see the similarities and variations among cultures. I grew up in Romanian, in a quite diverse county – Transylvania – wherein Romanians were residing harmoniously under the same roof with Germans, Hungarians, and Jewish. I become taught to give respect to be able to receive appreciate. All misjudgments and hate are rooted in a lack of awareness. The less you understand, the extra you hate.

If we are also searching at the map of LA, although we continuously communicate approximately the melting up, we are pretty segregated in our very own cultural communities: Glendale: Armenians; Torrance: Asians, Beverly Hills: Persians, Inglewood: African-Americans; East LA: Latinos, Little Tokyo, Little Ethiopia, Thai, Armenia, Chinatown, San Pedro: Croatians and Italians. It is too incredible to maintain on to our cultural roots, but it isn’t OK to have them divide us from the relaxation of mainstream America.

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People need to go out of their consolation quarter and divulge themselves to something is available, to the relaxation of the cultures that populate their land.

US cultural diversity is beautiful as long as anybody is aware that after he/she was given the citizenship he/she isn’t Romanian, nor Persian or Italian but American of Romanian, Italian, Persian descent. The American flag and the English language are representing the united states of America in its very own variety.